Technology platform to support growth in the US

Technology platform to support growth in the US

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Flixbus is one of Europe’s leading long distance transportation providers with the largest intercity bus network across Europe.

Flixbus has a broad network of partners across Europe and the United States.
The challenge was to make the Partner Portal useful and convenient for all the partners according to their business needs.

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    Reduced load on personnel during peak hours with eCommerce infrastructure for case management, traffic control, operations
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    UI kit to keep consistent style for all IT products at FlixBus
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    Partner Portal to manage relationships with partners

In 2013, Flixbus was a startup with a vision of providing affordable transportation for everyone. Flixbus is a bus company that owns no buses but provides transportation services through a broad network of partners. Therefore, they needed to build a platform for partners that worked flawlessly around the clock. Flixbus also required support with eCommerce infrastructure as there was a highly sophisticated system that connected travellers with the Flixbus backend systems.

Ciklum provided Flixbus a team of world-class developers to kickstart the project with fast-paced development and new features and ideas on a daily basis.

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Our recent kick off in the United States is ultimately important to support our fast growth
Daniel Krauss
Founder & CIO at FlixBus

Flixbus has a powerful platform capable of serving hundreds of thousands tickets daily and Ciklum developed software responsible for almost everything that happens while the bus is on the road, including case management, traffic control, operations etc. The new system helps reduce the load on personnel during peak hours and keep the staff stable even though the fleet has doubled.

It was crucial to have the entire user interface consistent. Ciklum developed a UI kit to keep the style consistent for all Flixbus products.

Ciklum also built a new platform for FlixBus to manage relationships with partners in their broad network across Europe and the United States.

The technology partnership between Ciklum and Flixbus has been flourishing for 5 years and is still ongoing.

Thousands of rides are handled each day and our team scrutinizes each line of code to make the final solution work perfectly
Ihor Sverhunenko
PHP developer, Ciklum
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