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Through its Jabra brand, Denmark’s GN Netcom is a world leader in innovative hands-free audio solutions. Jabra develops and markets a broad range of wireless and corded headsets for users in call centres and offices, including Unified Communications users.

In spring 2014, Jabra needed a partner to sustain its growth. The lack of highly-skilled developers in the Danish labour market was a source of concern. Jabra could not find the senior competencies needed and so chose to look abroad for a solution. After conducting extensive research on sourcing vendors in China, India and Ukraine, Jabra chose to establish a team in Kyiv, Ukraine with Ciklum.



Ciklum’s Extended Team model has been an effective solution for Jabra, as the company manages the team itself – and can easily see what they are paying for.

Jabra hired their first employee in Ukraine in August, 2014. Today, they have six team members at Ciklum and are looking for two more people.



  • Approximately 50% cost savings with a team of Ukrainian developers compared to the cost of Danish developers
  • Pre-interviews with candidates were arranged by Ciklum, as it was time consuming to conduct interviews in Ukraine for the Danish-based customer
  • Jabra has found highly-skilled IT professionals with the availability and cost level they were looking for.


“The cultural difference can cost you money, the geographical location can cost you money, or time for that matter. Different time zones can cost you money. In the end it’s not only about out-of-the-pocket costs, but the output you get.”

Søren Schmidt, Director IT Applications CRM & Online, Jabra

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