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Kantar Retail


Kantar Retail Virtual Reality, formerly Red Dot Square Solutions, was founded in 2006 and pioneered the use of Virtual Reality to understand shopper behaviour in store.

Kantar Retail wanted to develop a Virtual Reality solution aimed at the Retail and Consumer Goods industry for research with real shoppers in virtual stores rather than actual stores. The aim was to offer the end-user quick, realistic, confidential research using virtual stores without the cost, time and complexity of the real high street.

This was a unique enterprise project for desktop, laptops and Oculus Rift using Unity Game Engine for commercial use.



With the Extended Team + Managed Services model the customer was able to use Ciklum’s expertise and technical ecosystem to test product feasibility and make them commercially available in the shortest time, while Ciklum takes over the development process:

  • HR functions provided to hire and retain candidates with a unique skills set for the team
  • Delivery processes handled by Agile framework to meet the client’s needs in terms of releases and changes
  • Engineering practices, including code quality control, listing and prioritisation of improvements, using Ciklum’s proprietary tool Metrix (SonarQube based tool)
  • Security and loading performance testing before each release
  • Infrastructure setup and maintenance, team support, continuous integration setup
  • Architecture audit and consultancy on architectural improvements.

The cooperation was based on Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) 3.0 allowing each team member in three development locations – Ukraine, the UK and USA – to take an active part in the solution development.



  • Team grew from 15 to 50 people in UA, UK and US locations;
  • DevOps as a Service built a Continuous Integration environment, helping to deploy the software smoothly and manage various platforms;
  • Ciklum’s HR and motivation program allowed reaching 85% retention rate for team;
  • Scaled Agile Framework integrated in 6 months.

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