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Application Development


Ciklum’s Application Development Service enables you to develop any application, from integrating with payment systems or CRM, to creating a Minimum Viable Product or developing Virtual Reality gaming applications.
Our experts will ensure faster time-to-market using application development frameworks, rich UX/UI distinguishing your app among millions of others, and lower integration costs with mailing services or third-party platforms.


  • Companies who need to support their business operations with a custom web solution, integrated with other corporate tools

  • Companies carving out a niche with their own game or social media application and looking for an experienced development partner to implement it

  • eCommerce businesses looking for the development or refurbishment of their eCommerce solution for both web and mobile platforms

  • CXOs who need to test their product idea in the market and need the Minimum Viable Product developed to tight deadlines

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start-up costs and hiring stress

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Bring in PHP Developers to work

on your website or portal

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WITH application development YOU WILL GET:

Your own web application developed

We will undertake the whole development process for you: front-end and back-end development, project management, business analysis, and testing

Integration of your app

with any third party systems, your own corporate tools or multi-platform solutions

Refactoring of your current app

can cut your development costs and eliminate bugs. We ensure that minor changes in your current application do not result in complicated and expensive code writing

Minimum Viable Product

We will build your product with a minimum set of features in just a few weeks to test with real customers whether it is worth investing more in the idea

Own eCommerce application

We will develop your eCommerce solution through every stage from business analysis to final application testing - and integrate it with CRM, or mail service and payment systems, like Paypal, YandexMoney, Stripe

Game integration

We will integrate your game for mobile, tablet, web and connected devices, with Oculus Rift, VR glasses, Smart TVs etc

Teaser development

Storyboarding, planning and production of video teasers and trailers for games

Early user feedback on your games

Invest in the features your gamers will love. We gather feedback through testing on our extensive network of beta testers

Own social media solution

Custom made social media sites for specific communities, as well as advanced analytics solutions for social media


  • You leave every aspect of application development to us. Ciklum will select the tech leads, project managers, software developers and testers, and industry experts depending on the field your application covers

  • You will get our expert assessment of technical risks of your application before development begins

  • Ciklum’s technical experts will consult with you on any application development pitfalls, and show you how to increase the productivity of your app and improve ROI

  • Experts in eCommerce - with more than 100 stores developed and launched - will advise you on how to create a unique shopping experience for your users and how to increase conversion rate

  • After your application is live, you may optionally decide to have it continuously supported and refined by Ciklum

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How Application Development worked for CrowdTwist

    • CrowdTwist was able to save some $42,000 combined per month
    • The customer was able to speed up the development and increase productivity by around 70% over a 12-month period
    • The U.S. CrowdTwist team was able to focus on a critical platform migration, while the Ciklum team took care of development work

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