April 25, 2018
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Ciklum R&D Team Builds a Bus Schedule Chatbot for Kyiv Office

Ciklum R&D Team Builds a Bus Schedule Chatbot for Kyiv Office

The challenge: build a chatbot to help Ciklum employees in Kyiv navigate to and from Horizon Park.

The majority of Ciklumers working in headquarters use the business centre shuttle buses. Employees have to keep paper cards for the shuttle bus schedule or log in to Ciklum’s internal system and dig in several pages to finally learn when the next bus departs.

Ciklum R&D team built a chatbot that informs users on bus schedules and pickup locations. It will help newcomers and job candidates find the Ciklum office faster and more conveniently. In just 3 clicks and within 30 seconds, users can talk to Ciklumbusbot via Facebook Messenger and get the information they need. Ciklumbusbot is available for everyone to use via Facebook Messenger. The bot speaks English and Ukrainian.

The bus bot will assist with the following requests:

  • When is the next bus from the Horizon Park business centre/metro station,
  • Where the shuttle bus stops at the metro station,
  • General bus schedule for Horizon Park,
  • Help with getting to the user’s home,
  • Public transport routes from the metro station ( “I cannot wait” button),
  • Small talk.


When building the bus bot, the Ciklum R&D team had to take into account several factors to create a flawless user experience:

  • Analytics,
  • Flow optimization,
  • Interoperability on various platforms and devices,
  • NLP integration.

Transportation is not the only thing that chatbots can be used for!

There are also:

  • Weather bots to get a forecast,
  • Shopping bots to help pick out and order shoes/clothes/groceries,
  • News bots to stay informed,
  • Life advice bots to help think of solutions to personal problems,
  • Personal finance bots to help manage money better.
  • Scheduling bots to help arrange meetings,
  • Technical support bots to answer IT questions.

Do you want to build a chatbot? Contact Ciklum R&D Engineering to get a quote.