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21 Mar 2017

Agile Vs. Waterfall. Again? Now in Numbers

Agile’s been around for a long time — 16 years to be exact — and has racked too many successes to count. But teams still wonder how they can make it work. Some teams still rely on Waterfall — a geezer compared t...

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14 Mar 2017

Choosing a Top Outsourcing Software Development Company: Tips & Tricks

Many companies decide to outsource their software development to an outside company. While the decision to outsource may be an easy one, choosing the right software development service partner can be a challenge. It is certainly doable, however. Here, we’ll talk about three factors you should take...

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2 Mar 2017

5 Famous Software Glitches Which Could Be Avoided With Good Testing

Zero-days are often discovered, but by then, they’ve hit the market — they’re found too late. Software glitches happen all the time, however, and aside from a frustrated user or two, they’re typically fixed quickly. But some glitch scenarios are more significant than a few disgruntled client...

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28 Feb 2017

How To Use UX/UI For Smarter Decisions?

Ciklum recently completed a project for Costa Rican sports betting development firm, Ganchrow Scientific (GS). The company was dissatisfied with its long-term software, and wanted a complete overhaul design. Ad...

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22 Feb 2017

Agile And Deadlines: How Does It Work?

Deadlines and Agile might seem like they don’t fit into the same workflow paradigm. The reason? Jointly with Irina Teteruk, Process and Project Management consultant at Ciklum, we decided to hunt down the question. Strictly speaking, they don't focus on strict ...

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