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12 Oct 2017

Three Things in AI Scaring Us

things in artificial intelligence that scare us

Thanks to the convergence of big data, machine learning, and the IoT, artificial intelligence has come to the forefront of IT, insurance, financial and automotive industries. From smarter process automation to lif...

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4 Oct 2017

Limitations of Big Data Analytics

By now, you’ve probably heard of big data analytics, the process of drawing inferences from large sets of data. These inferences help identify hidden patterns, customer preferences, trends, and more. To uncover these insights, big ...

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27 Sep 2017

What Is The Difference Between Business Analytics And Data Science?

What is the difference between Business Analytics and Data Science?

The emergence of big data has started to shape the way companies understand clients and market to prospects. Even though businesses and consumers are creating, using and interpreting more data every day, the difference between business analytics and data science may not be completely clear. ...

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22 Sep 2017

R&D As A Service: How to Make Your Products Digitally Mature?

research and development

Every company eventually encounters that “do-or-die” moment when the product cycle reaches the maturity stage and it’s necessary to pursue innovations. But how can your enterprise make discoveries and upgrade products if you don’t have an in-house R&D department or your existing team nee...

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12 Sep 2017

How Blockchain Changes The Legal Landscape

blockchain changes the legal landscape

Blockchain has gone from a fringe technology known only by people who use crypto-currencies to a fully recognized method of processing transactions by major financial institutions. As blockchain continues its integration into our financial transactions, it is raising a significant number of question...

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