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22 May 2017

Neural Networks – How Do They Change Your Business?

It seems like everyone in tech is obsessed with neural networks these days. A neural network works similarly to a human brain, but more on that later. Neural networks are so intriguing in the IT world because they offer real possibilities to change the way software operates in industries like travel...

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16 May 2017

HealthTech Cool Wall For The Rest Of 2017

In HealthTech, a technology that’s the hottest trend one year will be seriously outdated the next. It can be hard to keep track of what’s up to date in HealthTech these days, but with our Cool Wall for 2017, we’ll let you know what’s in, what’s over, and what’s next. ...

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10 May 2017

From DevOps To ChatOps

The focus of DevOps is ease of collaboration across development and IT teams. But DevOps doesn’t always open every possible channel of communication. That’s where ChatOps comes in. While ChatOps has taken several years to increase in popularity, now that many teams have mastered DevOps’ tools ...

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4 May 2017

What You Should Never Do To Your MVP

Your MVP — or Minimum Viable Product — is seriously important. It’s what your early adopters are going to use to determine if your product is good enough to keep using, or even to recommend. While these early adopters give you feedback before a large-scale roll-out, you want to make sure that ...

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20 Apr 2017

How Low-Code Platforms Bridge the Gap Between Business and IT

Due to limited resources, IT departments often use their time to manage daily operations, rather than work on innovation. However, a relatively new type of platform — called a low-code platform — can make IT and business teams more collaborative, creative, and efficient. Read on and we’ll expl...

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