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27 Sep 2016

6 Myths and Facts about DevOps


DevOps is a term that’s often misunderstood. While some people think that DevOps is only a collaboration of dev and ops, the term really refers to the system and processes put into practice to increase team collaboration in...

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22 Sep 2016

When do you need a Chief Data Officer?


If you work in the field of computer technology, you know that big data is getting bigger. Smartphones are a major cause of this, as there will be an estimated 6.1 billion smartphone users around the globe by 2020. However, with ...

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20 Sep 2016

Top Smart City IoT Applications


While we were arguing with strangers in comment sections and looking at memes, the internet has been evolving. It has been subtlety encroaching into other parts of our daily lives and expanding the amount of data that can be collected by individual users. As nearly every...

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13 Sep 2016

5 Signs that Your Development Team is about to Fail


Software development is no easy task, and often takes one large team, or a few smaller teams to reach the finish line. No matter if you have separate teams or a single, larger team, everyone must be on the same page, expectations should be clear and demands should be manageable. While this sounds si...

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8 Sep 2016

Eye-opening Facts about Big Data


It’s difficult to find an industry or activity that hasn’t been touched by big data. If you’ve set foot outside of your home or used an online service today, you’ve probably already interacted with ...

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