December 15, 2020
Cyber Security

Achieve Security Compliance with AWS and DevSecOps

Achieve Security Compliance with AWS and DevSecOps

Security is one of the most critical and complex aspects of IT infrastructure. As the means by which devices, data, and everything in between are protected from cyber threats, strong security is essential for businesses seeking to carry out important work with confidence and trust. Without the proper tools and procedures to mitigate potential threats, organizations risk jeopardizing business and operations by placing valuable information in harm’s way.

Security compliance is a measure that helps ensure that organizations adhere to a baseline of cybersecurity protections. Typically mandated through legislation, regulatory standards such as HIPAA, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS feature strong requirements for the safeguarding of private data and mitigating outside threats. Whether it’s overseen by an industry-specific group or an entire governing body, like Europe’s GDPR framework, established and co-operative cybersecurity requirements can help ensure that no company doing business falls below a particular security threshold. 

Staying compliant, however, can present an organization with an entirely new set of challenges. Properly safeguarding data requires investments in a wide variety of tools and talent to ensure that equipment and software policies meet the proper requirements. 

Charting a Course for Compliance 

Establishing a cybersecurity infrastructure around the right policies and solutions is essential to maintaining security compliance. By relying on trusted tools and security methodologies, organizations can fully take advantage of best practices by integrating well-regarded solutions into IT infrastructure. 

Cloud computing is one of today’s most popular and secure infrastructure solutions. Unlike an on-premise infrastructure, which relies on purchasing and maintaining hardware and software on-site, cloud infrastructure moves data and security to a remote IT system. Choosing a trusted cloud provider can help organizations control IT costs, improve reliability, and stay compliant with specific regulations. 

In addition to relying on cloud infrastructure to manage cybersecurity concerns, organizations should seek to implement a unified development and operations structure that fully accounts for strong security. Organizations that continue to rely on siloed IT structures — classifying software development and operations as independent teams that collaborate only when necessary — reduce efficiency and leave room for significant security gaps. 

AWS + DevSecOps: A Secure, Compliant Combination 

Organizations seeking to achieve compliance with stringent security compliance can be well-served by taking advantage of AWS, Amazon’s trusted suite of cloud computing services, and adhering to principles of DevSecOps, a set of organizational practices that combines software development, IT operations, and data security. Taken together, this combination enables organizations to craft highly secure IT solutions that feature fully integrated and automated tools to measure and assess compliance on an ongoing basis. 

As the leading name in on-demand cloud computing, AWS offers a full range of scalable cloud infrastructure components that are supported by powerful security. Engineered with high privacy and data security standards, AWS allows organizations to easily oversee data storage and access, implement automated security tools, and stay compliant with thousands of global requirements. 

DevSecOps, a security-focused offshoot of DevOps, is a set of operational principles intended to reduce software development times through the continuous delivery of high-quality software. Combining development, operations, and security into a single unit, DevSecOps principles help organizations deliver consistent software improvements with strong security considerations from the ground up. Many of the key principles to achieving speed, quality, and security through DevSecOps are obtained through a high degree of automation, which actively executes, monitors, and reports on a wide variety of tools and tasks. 

AWS helps achieve DevSecOps principles through its highly automated solutions. Many of the native security mechanisms contained within AWS actively monitor, analyze, and protect against evolving threats and vulnerabilities, including: 

  • AWS Security Hub, which provides an aggregated, organised, and prioritised look at emerging cybersecurity trends and potential issues. Built around automated security checks, AWS Security Hub can help organizations stay compliant by automatically identifying accounts and resources that may not meet certain standards. 
  • Amazon Inspector, which provides automated security assessments to help identify application security issues. Fully intended as a security integration for DevOps, Amazon Inspector streamlines security compliance throughout the development process and simplifies the enforcement of security standards. 
  • Amazon CloudWatch, which delivers scalable and flexible infrastructure monitoring. CloudWatch Events and Rules make it possible to become aware of real-time operational changes and take corrective action when necessary. 
  • AWS Key Management Service (KMS), which allows organizations to easily create and manage encryption keys and digital sign data. As a fully managed encryption and key management solution, AWS KMS allows organizations to manage encryption for AWS services and encrypt data in applications.
  • Amazon CodeGuru, which uses machine learning to analyze and optimise code quality. CodeGuru supports the DevSecOps approach to using source code analysis throughout CI/CD pipelines throughout AWS deployments. 
  • AWS Compliance, a set of comprehensive compliance controls within AWS Cloud Security. Supporting the widest possible range of security compliance standards, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR, AWS Compliance offers third-party validation of thousands of global requirements and on-demand access to automated compliance reporting tools.

Each of these solutions can help any organization stay compliant with ease and agility. Considering AWS offers an entire range of additional tools to help manage infrastructure and security, organizations that choose to take advantage of AWS and DevSecOps principles will have access to solutions that make staying compliant both simple and automatic. 

Ciklum Helps Companies Stay Compliant

Comprehensive cybersecurity helps organizations protect their investments and information. By relying on the methodologies and technologies that make staying compliant with important cybersecurity regulations automatic, organizations can rest assured that their data is safe and secure.

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