Continuous Delivery (CD) is the next step in the evolution of the software development process. It draws on Agile methodologies, but surpasses it. Do you also feel like CD means sacrificing quality for speed? Let’s sort it out together, based on the recent “The Forrester WaveTM: Continuous Testing Service Providers, Q3 2017”.

In the recent report “The Forrester WaveTM: Continuous Testing Service Providers, Q3 2017”, Forrester features the global continuous testing (CT) service providers, including Ciklum, and shows application development and delivery (AD&D) pros how each provider measures up and helps application development and QA professionals make the right choice.


Why should I care about the Continuous Delivery?

CD is a methodology that focuses on smaller releases more often to avoid the issues and bugs that come with large, slow releases. CD can make your software development more agile and more able to react to changes. Considering the rapid pace of technological innovation, and consumers’ rising expectations for quality products, it makes sense to evaluate and modernize software delivery processes to keep pace with these developments. However, there are some circumstances where Agile may be more appropriate than CD. Find these cases in the bottom of the article.

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Why should my Testing be Continuous?   

CD fully relies on automated testing in production environments. It involves testing and Quality Assurance throughout the process, aka Continuous Testing. This happens during all phases of the development lifecycle, instead of Agile’s approach of waiting until the end. Mobile apps development, and internet-of-things (IoT) software increase the need for continuous delivery and hence continuous testing.
According to the Forrester report,

forrester wave report

But for CD to be effective, it needs to be adopted beyond just the development and operations teams. High-performing companies adopt CD practices across all products and services.

When is Agile a better option than CD?

There are some circumstances where Agile may be more appropriate than CD. Those circumstances include:

  • There is no time, ability or budget for automating testing
  • Your company needs a specific plan and timeframe, as well as clarity on release date
  • Your customers value seeing a long-term plan more than they value regular updates
  • Company executives have not yet bought into scaling up DevOps
  • Your company is not set up to make the cultural and technical shifts to CD quite yet
  • Projects that expect few changes

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