June 19, 2019
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Product Design

Finding The Sweet Spot: Product Management, UX/UI And DevOps

James Lennon
The most successful companies of today are first and foremost software companies. Whether they manage accommodation (AirBnB), are an omni-channel retailer (LuluLemon), a fast food franchise (Domino’s pizza), an international bank (Barclays) or they just get you from A-to-B (Uber), these companies are all in the business of creating ever changing digital experiences that customers love.
James Lennon, Product Director at Ciklum
Lisa Sitko
Getting product management teams and user experience teams to successfully work together requires collaboration, communication, and compromise. Transparency throughout the development process means the demands and expectations of the application won’t be interrupted or side-tracked by disagreements and procedural inefficiencies.
Lisa Sitko, Head of Product Design at Ciklum
Yuriy Havryliv
The DevOps approach presents product developers and UI/UX experts with the sweet spot for collaboration. Because decision-making is done in the open with the knowledge of the whole development team, there isn’t room left for major surprises or withholding information. User feedback, design issues, and business concerns all get handled in the open, allowing teams to better understand why certain choices end up being made. The result is a collaborative approach that makes it easier to solicit feedback, make changes, and deliver a feature-rich product.
Yuriy Havryliv, Delivery Director at Ciklum