August 1, 2018
Quality Engineering

Growing By Leaps And Bounds: How Ciklum’s Testing Centre Of Excellence Has Grown 30x

Growing By Leaps And Bounds: How Ciklum’s Testing Centre Of Excellence Has Grown 30x

This week our Testing Centre of Excellence, the team at Ciklum providing QA & Software Testing services to 300+ clients, has welcomed their 150th member. Read below how the team has evolved since 2012 and how they deliver business value with continuous testing.

Irina Litvin
In 2012, the department known now as the Testing Centre of Excellence was a QA Unit inside the Ciklum Project Office. We’ve grown up 30 times in 6 years, developed own testing practices, methodologies, artifacts and created a grading matrix for our employees. The main challenge was to prove that QA services could be commercially beneficial and become a most popular service for Ciklum’s clients. I’m happy to be a part of this team, and I am sure it is still only the beginning.
Irina Litvin , (In 2012, Middle QA Engineer, now working as a QA Manager)
Konstantin Voitsekhovskyi
It is a pleasure to have been with the Testing Centre of Excellence from the very beginning. We started as a small QA Unit and were executing testing activities mostly for existing client. At that time, we had lack of mobile devices to run tests, standards and procedures to follow, documents to use in routine work. Since then we have created and optimized our main processes, artifacts, governance model, metrics, and competency management framework and developed our own approach for QA Audits and QA Consulting. Six years have seemed like a few months and I have no doubts our main achievements are still ahead.
Konstantin Voitsekhovskyi , (In 2012, Middle QA Engineer, now working as a QA Manager)

2018 has already brought the TCoE team a challenge of testing two IoT lawn and garden care products for a $4B multinational industry leader in DIY lawn and garden care products. Ciklum QA IoT testing dramatically increased production release quality for both products. IoT test automation improved firmware and mobile app release quality and enabled the client’s internal IoT team to deliver subsequent support releases faster and less expensively.


As of now, TCoE has provided software testing services to more than 300 clients. Here’s what our clients say about us:

Tracey Barry
The personalities here are really strong and it’s really great to work with everyone. Everyone has their own ideas and the same with the consultancy team – they are very strong on putting ideas forward and everything helps us to produce a better product.
Tracey Barry, QA Manager at Kantar Retail Virtual Reality

Watch the full video reference: “Improved Product Quality for Kantar Retail Virtual Reality with QA Audit”

Did we mention we’re also hiring? There are 21 open positions for all seniority levels from Junior Manual QA Engineer to the QA Manager for one of our units.

Oleksandr Maidaniuk
When we established the Testing practice back in 2012, there were only 5 people. Now we have 150! With such a pace, it is important to preserve quality along with the quantity, so we set higher even standards. Every year our community goes through multiple certifications, trainings and is recognized by a number of awards. But the most challenges come with our projects. When we solve complicated tasks and make our clients happy – we feel unstoppable and motivated go forward. Join the Ciklum Testing Centre of Excellence today and build your success from tomorrow!
Oleksandr Maidaniuk, Director Testing Center of Excellence

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