September 25, 2019
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How Swisscom SAP Outsourcing Service partners with Ciklum

How Swisscom SAP Outsourcing Service partners with Ciklum

Since 2015, Ciklum has been operating its SAP competence center in Wrocław, working with Swisscom’s team in charge of SAP Outsourcing Services – one of Swisscom’s key offerings for the Swiss enterprise market.

Christoph Aeschbacher, Swisscom’s Head of SAP Outsourcing Management, shares insights about their offering and their partnership with Ciklum.


How is the SAP outsourcing Team organized?

The SAP Outsourcing team is focused on three main areas of activity. The first is the operation and lifecycle management of existing customer installations. The second deals with the technical development of Outsourced SAP products and project implementation. With the third, Swisscom provides SAP related consulting services to customers.

And how big is the SAP Outsourcing Team?

In SAP Outsourcing, Swisscom employs 50 internal and works right now with the equivalent of 15 SAP consultants working in Ciklum’s nearshoring center in Wrocław. The services are delivered out of three sub-teams in line with Swisscom`s focus topics.

How many Customers and Systems are managed by Swisscom?

Swisscom is the largest local SAP Outsourcing provider in Switzerland. We serve around 100 customers and 1000 SAP systems. With the large number of customers and SAP systems almost all relevant SAP technologies exist in our system landscape. The field of activity extends from infrastructure to security, operating systems and databases, as well as SAP technology.

What kind of tasks can be expected?

The focus of the Ciklum nearshore SAP team is on operation and lifecycle management of the existing Swisscom customer landscape. In addition to the operating service, the team delivers many optimization services and lifecycle projects. For example, SAP Single Sign On is rolled out over the entire Swisscom system landscape. The Ciklum nearshore team is fully integrated into the operational processes in SAP Outsourcing and takes on a great deal of responsibility.

Which SAP products/modules are used in Swisscom or by Customers?

With the large system landscape and the different customers, almost all SAP products and technologies are worked on. Swisscom also offers the customer extensive SAP application support. In addition to SAP technologies, the field of activity also covers related topics such as security, operating systems and databases. Swisscom customers are innovative and invest a lot in digitalization. Most digitalization projects have an impact on the SAP infrastructure, and new SAP technologies and releases like S/4HANA are needed. We provide these to the customer with our professional services outsourcing offers.

Do you use cloud technologies like AWS or Microsoft Azure?

Swisscom works with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. For SAP Outsourcing, the focus is on Microsoft Azure. Currently, a project is running, that covers the SAP integration with Microsoft Azure cloud technologies. Swisscom operates a virtual private cloud platform, optimized for SAP workload, in local data centers in Switzerland. The platform meets the high security and compliance requirements demanded by customers.

Is travelling to Switzerland necessary or this is a remote job?

The Ciklum Nearshoring SAP consulting team works from Ciklum’s delivery center in Wrocław – seen from Switzerland “remotely”. In order to improve social aspects and good cooperation, the nearshore team can occasionally visit Swisscom in Switzerland – as well as Swisscom’s team members,  visit the Wrocław team regularly. However, there is no travel obligation.

Is there a time for employee’s development?

The high level of know-how and expertise for the team members of SAP Outsourcing services is key, and both Swisscom and Ciklum invest heavily in the development of its teams The know-how buildup is mainly done on the job. Specific courses are offered for new SAP technologies. An SAP technology certification is desirable for all employees.

Does Swisscom provide trainings for their employees?

Swisscom offers its employees the SAP Learning Hub for education. New SAP technologies are taught in classroom training, e.g. HANA 2.0. Working for Ciklum’s SAP competence center for Swisscom gives the opportunity to obtain SAP certification and to improve foreign language skills, e.g. English or German.