April 15, 2020
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The Rise and Rise Of Online Sales: How Digital Commerce Businesses Can Manage & Mitigate Risks

The Rise and Rise Of Online Sales: How Digital Commerce Businesses Can Manage & Mitigate Risks

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world. Practically overnight, daily life as we know it was reshaped as countries instigated social distancing, quarantines and remote working to mitigate the spread of the virus. Online shopping is a lifeline for many and has helped others make this unusual period a little less strange. From entertainment to supplies just a click away, future thinking ecommerce businesses need to ensure the customer experience remains easy, smooth and fast.  In short, it has to work. High traffic caused by increased demand shouldn’t cause online shopping to grind to a halt. At Ciklum, we believe that with proper testing, load balancing, and optimisation, online retailers can be prepared for both unexpected spikes in traffic and increased traffic, allowing operations to remain in place, at pace, to the delight — and necessity — of customers around the globe. 

Avoid Traffic Surprises

The Testing and Quality Engineering Services feature Load and Performance QA tests to ensure the stability and performance of online shopping experiences. Intended to verify the stability and performance of applications, Load and Performance QA goes the distance to measure whether an online shopping experience will be able to withstand periods of heavy traffic. It prevents downtime, saving a company’s reputation and preserving revenue. 

As an essential service for any company selling products online, Load and Performance QA begins by reviewing application performance to make informed decisions about potential improvements. A team of dedicated engineers then works to identify bottlenecks that can limit application performance, which can bring online shopping experiences to a crawl or abrupt stop. Next, applications and infrastructure performance are optimised to meet current and future traffic needs. Finally, future performance testing processes are enhanced to forecast future bottlenecks. 

Quality Engineering to Handle Demand 

Salecto App, a Danish company that handles e-commerce and online shopping development, approached Ciklum to provide flawless performance during periods of high traffic that they were expecting on the next ‘Black Friday’. The primary objective was to ensure that online shopping experiences could withstand heavy loads, Ciklum worked with Salecto to properly test performance and integrate server improvements. 

Over the course of 40 hours, Ciklum accessed Salecto’s web shops, analysed logs to model product usage, and developed a load testing workflow scenario. Next, Ciklum executed 24 server-side load testing scenarios, ran 30 server-side load tests using a proprietary performance framework, and measured 10 client-side browser performance tests. Last, Ciklum integrated automated load testing and reporting features, enabling continuous integration for load-testing framework and real load runs.  

Ciklum’s work with Salecto resulted in increasing the number of concurrent users from 350 to 540. Salecto’s e-commerce stores were able to successfully handle peak load times during Black Friday and remain prepared for future spikes in shopping traffic. 

Expect the Unexpected

Being prepared means that unexpected spikes in online traffic won’t impact the customer experience, and keeping online customers happy means they are more likely to return in the future.

Since 2002, Ciklum has provided a wide range of digital services to Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing organisations throughout the world. Featured by Forrester and Gartner as a leader for continuous testing and mobile application testing services, leading organisations rely on Ciklum to develop robust solutions that can handle traffic scenarios of any size and scope. Contact Ciklum today to ensure an enhanced and secure digital retail experience.  

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