2 Nov 2016

What Are Microservices, And Are They Right For Me?

Microservices, or a microservice architecture, is a way to create enterprise applications, and it is quickly becoming the preferred way for many in the IT or DevOps field to structure their developmental system. From the web to the Internet ...

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27 Jul 2016

Software Security of the Future

In the mobile age, where personal information is available via multiple points of entry, there are a number of ways for hackers to get to someone’s name, phone number, address, social security number, credit card numbers, bank account information or even their personal files. Take your banking ...

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5 Jul 2016

Reference Architecture: Why Your Journey is Only as Good as Your Map

In a lot of ways, many businesses are like ships: Large, multifaceted machines that require maneuvering and strategy to avoid challenges and to reach your ideal destination. At the core of your ship is its navigation, with you at the helm, and reference architecture is the key to having the best pos...

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