• 55% of companies adopt DevOps in an attempt to increase quality. How does DevOps help to achieve this?
  • Is ScrumOps the next big thing to revolutionize software delivery?
  • How to increase team transparency by 80.4 %? ChatOps turns out to be a good answer.
  • 91% of companies experienced a data center outage in past 2 years. How can CloudOps help to achieve continuous operations and zero downtime?
  • What do ServiceOps, InfraOps, AppsOps and EnterpriseOps suggest to increase software delivery success?

The spinning wheel of technology pushes companies to seek forward-thinking ways of making IT output more efficient. Some traditional methods have already proven their usability, but what if we pair tried and tested methodologies with IT Operations?

Besides well-known combinations like DevOps, ChatOps and ScrumOps,  the IT arena witnessed the appearance of some more alliances, which might surprise you. Will they bring software development to the new level or just leave their mark on the IT map as a “once-existed buzzword”? Read the Whitepaper to reveal the truth.

DevOps, ScrumOps, CloudOps, ChatOps and more

In this Whitepaper we gathered all recent -Ops combinations. Find out how they appeared, evolved and how they can make software delivery better increasing your chances for success. 

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