June 11, 2015

Big Data Analytics is Coming to the Masses

Big Data Analytics is Coming to the Masses

For many, Big Data Analytics evokes the thought of large projects with analysts crunching numbers about some of the world’s most complicated questions. We all know Big Data is about finding more efficient and effective solutions at a global scale, but the evolution of Big Data is also bringing a new, populist version of the technology meant to help user apps and everyday experiences get smarter too.


The changing face of Big Data

Big Data is a historically grand and expensive task reserved for only the largest tech and consulting firms. Accessing, managing, and analyzing terabytes of data requires not just large data centers and servers, but also the talent to effectively analyze that information without being overwhelmed. However, Big Data is no longer just on the minds of CEOs and stockholders, but also everyday people and public agencies that want data-backed answers about everything from finding the fastest commute to deciding what public services need improving.


Big Data’s evolution to the masses is, at its core, about giving anyone the opportunity to find solutions with large-scale amounts of data or offering solutions that solve everyday needs for the public rather than corporate-focused solutions. One example of this ongoing endeavor is through projects like ambien t intelligence.” The idea behind ambient intelligence is that the information around us, such as the weather, travel patterns, population, and other data, should be in easy reach of everyday people to utilize and find patterns to make their daily lives better without depending on a big consulting firm’s projects or plans.


The one-on-one impact of Big Data

This gradually expansive access to Big Data is simultaneously creating one-on-one relationships while making Big Data Analytics a more democratized, accessible, and cost-effective option for many companies. As government agencies open their data, and developers find ways to use this data and put it in the hands of end-users, a new direct relationship will emerge between such analytics and its access to the masses.


It’s only a matter of time before Big Data becomes a household name, just like the television or the Internet. People of all backgrounds will rely on their Big Data-backed apps when figuring out when to leave for work and minimize traffic, or what airline will have the best fare when it’s time to book a vacation. These experiences will not just continue to be nurtured by large firms, but as the data becomes more open and accessible anyone with a general interest will be able to utilize it in their own personal ways.


As Big Data begins to transition, any app or project, no matter how small, can gain from Big Data’s ability to educate and support the masses. If you’re looking to incorporate Big Data on any scale into your ongoing projects and developments, Ciklum can help you identify opportunities while sourcing across 40,000 professionals and minimizing costs by as much as 60 percent. Contact us to learn more about how we can fit into the big picture of your next project.