March 11, 2019
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What You Should Expect from NVIDIA’s GTC 2019: Ciklum’s Perspective

What You Should Expect from NVIDIA’s GTC 2019: Ciklum’s Perspective

Artificial intelligence isn’t just a buzzword — It’s a reality. Decades of research and innovation have finally paid off, making it possible for modern organizations to take full advantage of deep learning, machine learning, and other artificially intelligent capabilities. 

For more than 15 years, Ciklum has been a powerful digital solutions provider serving the needs of Fortune 500 companies and fast-growing organizations worldwide. Providing solutions that take full advantage of modern, established, and emerging technologies, Ciklum’s best-in-class data analytics, quality assurance, research and development, and software engineering experts can help any organization bring applications, data, and research to life. The field of AI is no exception, thanks to Ciklum’s comprehensive team of data scientists and analytics professionals applying their knowledge of deep learning, machine learning, image and video processing, natural language processing, and time series processing to new applications that help companies develop new business insights and solve complex problems.

Thanks to Ciklum’s expertise in the fields of artificial intelligence and deep learning, Ciklum is a certified NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner for deep learning professional services. Through GPU-fueled deep learning models, Ciklum has the power to help companies develop and implement complete NVIDIA-based deep learning projects from start to finish. That’s due, in part, to Ciklum’s deep investment in specialized areas of AI and deep learning, researching and delivering a wide range of commercial AI projects in industries like fintech, retail, digital health etc. As an NVIDIA Service Delivery Partner, Ciklum can help organizations take full advantage of NVIDIA’s latest products and capabilities, crafting GPU-powered AI solutions on the cutting edge of what’s possible today.

This year, Ciklum is proud to be participating in NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) 2019. An annual global conference focused on offering training, insights, and direct access to experts on today’s hottest computing topics and trends, GTC 2019 is set to address topics like AI and deep learning, AI for business, high-performance computing, and intelligent machines — and how these issues apply to nearly every major industry. As the world’s premiere AI conference, GTC 2019 will help organizations learn the best practices for AI and meet the experts to bring new solutions to life.

Louis Martel
Ciklum's partnership with NVIDIA enhances and accelerates our ability to help enterprises initiate and scale AI and Deep Learning solutions to solve complex business and market challenges
Louis Martel, Business Development Executive at Ciklum, US region
Soumya Andani
Being a chosen partner with Nvidia means Ciklum has the proven expertise to help you build and implement deep learning solutions. Let us help you unlock new opportunities in your business with AI enabled applications
Soumya Andani, Business Development Executive at Ciklum, US region

To date, Ciklum has helped organizations use AI to improve the accuracy of predictions, detect objects with near human-level performance, and save money through streamlined operations. For example:

1) The Nature Conservancy, one of the world’s leading conservation organizations, protects ecologically important lands and waters in more than 70 countries around the world. In areas vulnerable to overfishing, species like tuna are at risk of having marine ecosystems disrupted, ultimately threatening the global food supply. To help commercial fishing operations reduce the risk of catching the wrong fish species, The Nature Conservancy sought a solution from the global tech community through a fishery monitoring contest. Using a data training set of nearly 3,700 photos, Ciklum’s R&D engineers applied object detection methods based on convolutional neural networks to develop artificial intelligence algorithms that could automatically detect and classify different species of fish. The resulting algorithms boasted a 93% rate of accuracy, enabling fishing boats to accelerate their video review process and ensure the right fish remained in their natural habitats.
2) SeeTree
, a leading agritech company focused on tree farming, needed a solution to assist in fruit counting — a traditionally time-consuming task that’s been carried out by humans to monitor fruit growth and the health of a tree. SeeTree sought an AI solution that could streamline the fruit counting process with a higher degree of accuracy. In partnership with Ciklum, the two companies developed a deep learning algorithm using state-of-the-art object detection technology to accurately identify fruits. Because fruits can ripen in different sizes, colors, or groups, the challenge was to develop an algorithm that could pinpoint fruit at any stage with near certainty. After just two months, Ciklum’s R&D team had a fully-functional AI prototype that could outperform humans in fruit counting.

3) Carvana, a digital marketplace for used cars, needed a solution to automate its photo capture process. For its online inventory, Carvana took high-quality vehicle photos in a professional studio, but reflections and colors of certain cars would add noise to the photo’s background, resulting in extra photo editing work. Using a training set of 2,500 images, Ciklum’s R&D team built an algorithm to automatically generate masks for problem areas in car photos. The result was a neural network-powered algorithm that could differentiate cars from the background with better accuracy and speed than a manual designer.

Ciklum’s sales managers, Lou Martel and Soumya Andani will be on site at the GTC 2019 to help organizations find the right AI, deep learning, and machine learning solutions to meet their needs. For companies looking to see what AI has to offer for the first time, bolster existing capabilities, or get a glimpse of what the future of AI has to offer, GTC 2019 presents a prime opportunity to meet the experts who are bringing AI to life today.

The GTC takes place in the heart of Silicon Valley from March 17–21, 2019, at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA. Space is limited — to reserve your spot, click here. For more information on the conference, presenters, workshops, and activities, visit NVIDIA’s GTC 2019 homepage. See you in San Jose!